Our First Time Out of the US

Our move to Fiji was our first time out of the US. It was exciting for myself and the children. We were excited by the possibilities. Upon arrival we stayed in a couple of Air BnBs and then found our island home. We settled in and then hit the ground running. I started work and the kids started school. It was an adjustment but I think we did well.

The Fijian people are giving and welcoming. It is a developing country so the poverty is quite visible and can be off putting for some. It was for me initially but I overcame it. Looking at the Fijian people I easily saw family in their faces.

We’ve been here now for almost 2 years. In our time here we’ve made friends and visited the many resorts. We’ve had ups and downs, good times and bad. We’ve created a life here, at times it is remarkable and other times routine. In posts to come I will post in more detail the remarkable and the routine. It’s been a great experience.